Ventless Gas Fireplace Ideas

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Ventless gas fireplace 88 Ventless Gas Fireplace Ideas
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Ventless gas fireplace 366 Ventless Gas Fireplace Ideas
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Ventless gas fireplace 516 Ventless Gas Fireplace Ideas
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Ken Gallt, Lombard H&G says: There are three kinds of gas-burning fireplaces: gas logs installed in a conventional fireplace, direct-vent fireplaces and ventless fireplaces. Gas logs installed in a chimney fireplace are very inefficient as a However, this is my personal opinion, and I know some people are happy with their ventless appliances. With your fireplace, there is undoubtedly already a flue in place. It would be a shame not to use it – even though a vented gas log would not According to e-GasFireplaces*com, the following is just a sampling of the many stores offering corner gas fireplaces: Stacks and Stacks offers nice deals, such as two ventless corner gas fireplaces for $450 each. offers several portable ventless a radiant heater warms objects in the room. These heaters do not require electricity to operate and are available in propane and natural gas units. This alternative requires less energy. Radiant ventless heaters can be a more efficient and economical way Margaret Ingles has had a fireplace in her kitchen for almost 20 years. But it didn’t start warming her until a few weeks ago. That’s when she had a set of ventless gas logs installed in the ornamental brick fireplace that she added to her suburban As the logs burn gas, the byproducts of this combustion process pass through a medium such as sand or silica, creating a realistic glow. Carbon monoxide and other harmful fumes exit the fireplace through a vent and exhaust outdoors………

Lacking any sort of fireplace feature (as they say in the hearth business) in our own homes, we had long been intrigued by the ventless or gel fuel fireplace made a terrifying “pop,” like a gas stove exploding. Once lighted, though Because she loved the warmth and ambience that a fireplace provides, she added a Ventless gas fireplace between the kitchen and dining room. It is a see-through glass firebox simply surrounded in drywall. She had the black box painted silver for They range from $750 to $2,200. Gas fireplaces — which glow without the smoke or ash of wood-burning fireplaces — can be ventless. This means the oxygen for the fire comes from inside the home. You don’t have to build a chimney chase outside the home or fireplace uses gas. The insert is made of cement spheres. “I love the organic look of the ball shape with the linear surrounds,” she says. Because she loved the warmth and ambience that a fireplace provides, she added a Ventless gas fireplace….

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